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Kidd Keo - EBISU (Official Video)

Kidd Keo - EBISU (Official Video)

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Ricardo Viveros : Superstars y ebisu me generan un sentimiento que me hace sentirme motivado, me dan ganas de superarme y cumplir todos los sueños, te amo keo, gracias por existir en nuestra epoca ❤
xClown FF : Extrañaba este Keo
Hydr4 : esto y superstars me devuelven las ganas de vivir
ELJEFE 66 : Tío esto me recuerda muchos momentos con mi madre y mi hermano que por desgracia fallecieron gracias Leo por hacer esta canción eres el mejor ❤️
Nicolás Díaz de Terán : Misiones antes de morir:

Dar gracias al keo por todo lo que hizo, hazes más que canciones.

No cambies y sigue haciendo música

FULL SEND - Last Day Drifting Ebisu Circuit

Raw footage from as many cool angles as I could come up with. Tried to really use a lot of foot cam in this one since I've seen a few comments asking for it. Hope you've enjoyed the Ebisu footage!
Weedy-san : The amount of time and effort he put into mounting the cameras and putting all the angles together?! This is awesome !
Casey Gray : DUDE MORE ROOF GO PRO. Those turbo noises
Anthony miller : Drifting looks easy..... until Adam uses the foot cam lol
MotionAutoTv : I was just waiting for Mesker's car to start a forest fire...
brandon weise : Crazy I remember watching your first trip to ebisu and you handle it like a absolute mad man now!

Fixing and drifting a Skyline at Ebisu Circuit - Noriyaro Ep. 3

Alexi fixes a blown brake hose with new stainless mesh hoses, then goes drifting on Minami Course with some D1GP drivers in the Beercan Skyline at Ebisu Circuit.

Website: http://noriyaro.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NoriyaroJapan
Instagram: https://instagram.com/noriyarojapan/
Kalvin Malli : Overnight parts from japan... literally.
Taylor Ray : Are you running something like a rode videomic with a gopro adapter? I did the same thing and it seemed to work okay, but it was as if the gopro didn't really have the power to run it.
Nerdy Versys : I love how the owner was so chill about his engine throwing a rod
More Bad Ideas : your thumb nail game is always on point
Peter M : Oh boy! Instant subscribe and share wherever I can! You just blew my mind. I've never seen more pure and raw inside footage about how things goes in Japan in real JDM style. I just watched few of your videos in one go and I'm so happy I found it. And I'm glad you share it with us! Keep filming and drifting and all the good stuff!




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