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LED Driver 101

Welcome to the first episode of Driver ED - a Youtube channel from Applied Concepts, Inc. (ACI) detailing technical and practical concepts related to LED Drivers and LCD Backlighting. In our first Episode, LED Driver 101, we cover the fundamental principles behind our I-Drive product line and how the most efficient ways to drive LEDs.

Stay tuned for future videos covering our entire line of LED Drivers, Modified High-Bright \u0026 NVIS LED Displays, CCFL Inverters, and other products we manufacture. We will discuss how to integrate our products, troubleshooting, as well as other interesting topics and technologies related to LEDs and specifically LED Backlighting.

Please subscribe to our channel, let us know what you think of our videos, and suggest future topics you would like us to cover. You can also visit us online at www.acipower.com

How To Choose The Correct LED Driver For Your LED Lights

https://www.downlightsdirect.co.uk/led-drivers.html ← Click the link to shop high quality LED Drivers from Downlights Direct.

Need help or advice with LED Drivers? Our team of experienced lighting experts and can be reached by emailing sales@downlightsdirect.co.uk or calling 01706 521188.

LED Driver Replacement & Repair Fail

LED Driver Replacement \u0026 Repair Fail


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