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Flash Stick Figure Tutorial 1: Make em move

To-the-point-tutorial on how to make stick figure animations in Flash (CS3). It should cover the most of your needs as a beginner. This will learn you how to make a stickman walk, fall (and some VERY simple blood). It may go a little fast at some points if you don't read very fast, but it's a shorter, and more straight-to-the-point kind of tutorial that way.

Feel free to comment and ask about.. Well, anything, I guess.

Music by (It's awesome, lol)
Laszlo Kishimoto : Honestly this might be the most easiest tutorial ever when I first started
Khrinx : You press Enter to play as it is, and Ctrl+Enter to play it in a window like I do at the start and in the end of this movie.
As for exporting, go File>Export>Export Movie and then choose "Flash Movie (*.swf)" for the standard flash export. For exporting as .mov or something is a little more complicated. I may post a tutorial on exporting as different files.
Hope this helps you on the way, though!
danny and the clips : I love your tutorials, you make it so beginner, and that's good enough for me. Thanks, and I'd love to see more! :)
HK Boba : great tutorial! having so many problems with walk cycle but this made it so simple. thanks
Khrinx : Hey, thanks for the suggestions :) Tablets go anywhere from 50$ and up. The Wacom Bamboo Create (which I now use) is about 150-160$ in the US. I don't live there, though so I can't recommend any shop or anything. I recommend getting one though, if you like to draw a lot.

How To Download Adobe Flash CS3 for FREE

Guys am back after 3 months was busy but now i will consistently upload please if u r new leave a like n if u don't mind even a sub lets try to get 1k before the new year :)

website link --

Music used --
unknownbrain x inspiration

NCS music used
Prateek Chauhan : Really helpful bro ❤ i try so many times but i can't download it bro but when I see your vedio i have it
Good work
I pray to God your channel grown up like technical guru ji
Love from delhi ❤
VI1-04 AARIA SURVE : Really very helpful now i can do my school activity =D. and again so much thank you :)
Kamlesh Verma : Needed this for school work thanks.
GoldieToasty : I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Respect And Love Ive been trying everything to get this and then you come along and now i have it. MUCH LOVE!!! <3
SatisfyingTicket : You just earned a sub by me

Ty this helps for my school work

How to download Adobe Flash CS3 Professional on PC for FREE!! | 100% Working with proof

Hey guys I am back with another video
I hope this helped if it helped then please like and subscribe

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Request more softwares:-

AdityaKalita : Thanks allot bhaia, I always wanted to be an animator but doesn't have any software but now I have flash cs3 thanks allot
Prathamesh Joshi ~ Animations : Thanks a Lot bro! Really Helped me, U r a Hero for those who cannot afford Cs3 for Educational Purpose, Humanity Restored! Thanks a Lot!!!! u win a Sub from me!
Alexis Deguzman : Make sense
By the way thanks a lot my friend its very useful
Shreyas Narayana : thx alot ,btw its safe and my pc is rocking .Thanks again
Musa Ishtiaq : thank you so much first mine wasnt opening but then right click and click run as administrator




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