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Packing For Summer Camp: Tween Guide

Watch as Hadley gets ready for summer camp. She has great ideas, tips, and tricks on how to have the best summer ever. Where we shopped:

Sam’s Club: We found the following at this membership-only retail warehouse club: sheets, towels, sunscreen and headlamps. Find out more:

Vamousse makes safe, non-toxic pesticide-free solutions to avoid lice OR treat it. Using Vamousse Lice Defense Daily Shampoo before, during and after camp is an easy step to not only gain peace of mind but it's a powerful tool that kills stray lice to help families defend against an infestation. Find out more: https://www.momtrends.com/kids-2/get-camp-ready-vamousse
Vamousse Lice Defense Daily Shampoo

Mabel’s Labels makes custom name labels. We’re featuring the Mabel’s Custom Clothing Stamp -- just one quick and easy press to label that pile of camp clothes at record speed and you won’t have to worry about them getting lost again!  Find out more https://mabelslabels.com/en_US/custom-clothing-stamp.html

The Arctica Down Packet! It’s is a pillow, a pack and a jacket all in one. The secret is the huge packet pocket that stores gloves, ski straps and plenty of other gear for the day. Stuff your jacket into the pocket to transform it into a handy pillow for that quick power nap. Find out more:

Nalgene has a water bottle for every lifestyle and every adventure. Made in the USA, BPA free, durable and dishwasher safe. https://www.nalgene.com/

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Janna Montejano : This is my first year at a sleep away camp and i wanted to be prepared so these tips helped a lot thank you
molly woodrich : I go to wolf ridge in northern Minnesota every year it's amazing and some tips/things I use is:
1.this gets overlooked a lot but dont leave your soaps in the shower for instance at my camp we have cubbies and my tip is keep soap in cubby after you shower.
2:Bring tons of extra underwear in case
3: bring extra hair ties/scrunchies in case some break or whatever happens
4: bring some warm clothes
5: wear bug spray 24/7
6:a Camelback works really good
7: if your going somewhere in the woods make sure to check for ticks all the time
8: DONT FORGET to use deodorant
9:I bring a pair of jeans and a nicer shirt just in case but it's not always needed
10:bring a flashlight
11: bring a sleeping bag and a blanket/blankets
12:don't use makeup
13: don't use expensive products
14:if you do bring expensive product don't let other people use them
15:bring a WET brush
16: bring a windbreaker jacket
17: don't bring Advil/Neosporin because most camps have a fully stocked med room or infirmary UNLESS..the Advil is for menstrual cramps then it's ok
18:even if your not on your period still bring lots of extra pads/tampons and stuff like that
19:If bringing a camera don't bring an expensive one
20:take a shower when ever you can
21:sleep whenever possible
22:use detangler a lot
23: bring a book/color books/pencils/paper/notebook/markers/cards.ETC..
24:don't bring electronics
I have a ton but we'll be here forever lol
Thanks this video helped a lot♥️
Mabel's Labels : Love your camp packing tips! Thanks so much for including Mabel's Labels in your camp round up!
WHaT ExACtLy ArE YoU DoINg WiTh THaT CaR? : I do army cadets and this is my second 2 week camp. Videos like this help me with anything I might need this time, but mostly they are good for me to inform first timers on some of the essentials they need
Arctica : Thanks MomTrends for the kind words about the new Arctica Featherlyte Down Packet!

배에서 욕구는 어떻게 풀어요? (원양어선에서 참기 힘든 3가지)

#원양어선 #연봉 #창업 #이태원클라스

이태원클라스 실사판!! 강혁주 대표님이 얘기하는
원양어선에 대한 솔직한 이야기들을 들어봤습니다.

영상이 유익했다면 구독!! 영상이 재밌으셨다면 좋아요 버튼을 눌러주세요!

원양어선 승선기가 조금 더 궁금하다면?
MINGYU KIM : 저 분 전에 영상 보니깐 원양어선이 아니라 근해어업 배에 타셨던데 엄연히 둘은 다름니다.. 표기 제대로 하셨으면 하네요
moro : 추억돋네요 키리바시 동원에서 3기사하다 1년채우고 런했는데 그때는 진짜힘들었는데 아... 고생많으셨습니다
백건호 : 문화차이는 인정해주는게 맞죠. 살아온 방식이 아예다르니 ㅋㅋㅋ 썰 재밌게 들었습니다
Battle Ground Master : 원양어선이 희망이다 이건 무조건 가라!!
Hooking : 다 옛날 이야기 입니다 어느 사회든 최악은 있는법입니다 요즘 배에도 인터넷SNS 잘되고 내부적으로나 외부적으로 그럴 수 없는 환경입니다

Pallet wood kids table DIY, I built my toddler a mini me desk

I thought it was time my toddler got her own little desk to work on and what better then to build her a smaller version of my desk!
My pallet wood chevron desk is a tutorial in my book Pallet wood projects for outdoor spaces (it is an outdoor table but works brilliantly as a desk) and for the toddler desk I simply shrunk everything down. It even has the same hairpin legs as the big table!
The legs were kindly gifted to me by www.thehairpinlegcompany.co.uk I've used 40 cm/ 16 inch mint green hair pin legs for the mini me desk, these are normally used for benches (for my big desk I used the 71 cm/ 28 inch ones )

You need a piece of sheet material, ply wood or MDF, that is 40cm x 60cm.
Thickness doesn't really matter, anything over 6mm will do.
I also used 3 pallet wood planks for the chevrons, my planks were 10 cm wide, 97 long and 16 mm thick. This little table is a great way of using up old bits of scrap wood in your workshop/shed.
The trim is a pallet plank I cut in half width ways making it 5 cm wide.

I also used Gorilla Wood Glue, a saw (hand saw or mitre saw) hammer and nails (or a nail gun if you have it) a palm sander and a screw driver.

Handmade home brings you easy to follow and frugal CRAFT tutorial or LIFESTYLE videos. Don't forget to subscribe! Have a look on my website www.hestershandmadehome.com for more details on this build and lots more craft, interior and DIY inspiration.

My latest book Pallet wood projects for outdoor spaces is out now!! Available at most online bookshops.

Also have a look at my other books Made with Salvaged Wood, Making Concrete pots, bowls and platter, Furniture Hacks, Wooden Furniture Hacks and Crafting with Mason jars, they are all published by Cico Books (Ryland Peter\u0026 Smalls) and available worldwide.

Music by Pleasant Picture Music club
Jan Davis : Lovely project! She will be drawing & crafting on her own in no time!
Alesia Bohannon : Love this nice and simple project
karl swanson : That is such a cute desk. My 2 year old needs one for sure
Serenity Lifestyle : Very nice work and great project. Thank you for sharing. New Sub here.
Tris A : Love this were did u get the alfabet board




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