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#858 - Moneual MonCaso 932 HTPC Case Video Review

"The Moneual MonCaso 932 HTPC Case is dream case for a Home Theater PC build. It's looks fantastic, all aluminum construction, 7" touch screen LCD, memory card reader, one 5.25" drive bay, four hard drive bays, fits standard ATX motherboards and ATX power supplies. It also has excellent air circulation with the included four 80mm fans. It's even comes with a Windows Vista Media Center compatible remote control. All-in-all this case rocks! Watch the video to find out more and check out the bloopers at the end."

#966 - Moneual MonCaso 972 HTPC Case w/ 7" LCD

"The Moneual 972 HTPC Case comes with a full featured Microsoft Vista compatible remote control and a large 7" touch screen display. This screen has a 15 to 9 ratio \u0026 the recommended resolution is 800x600 and a maximum resolution 1024x768. It's bright, has accurate colors, shape text quality and simply looks amazing. This is the ultimate HTPC case to have! Watch the video to find out more."

#1130 - Moneual MonCaso Y601 Case Video Review

Moneual MonCaso Y601 Case is a slim Micro ATX case which is constructed from steel and plastic. There are two other models, the Y602 and the Y603 which have different front bezels to suite your style. There are many mATX cases on the market but few that come with a great 350W PSU like this one.




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