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What’s the Best Registry Cleaner?

The best registry cleaner is none at all. There may be cases where you want to use one, though, and I'll review which I'd use and how to use them safely.

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Omair bin Enam : I noticed my laptop was getting extremely hot, especially when hooked up to power cable. Then I gave CCleaner a go and viola the overheating issue has resolved somewhat. I have now installed Jv16 and so far so good.
Baogar : I do lots of strange things on my PC. I sometimes install programs that dont have any option to uninstall. They dont leave them shelves in windows "add and remove" programs and they dont have any uninstall executable. Only way to remove such software has been to delete the folder where it was installed and then clean the registry from all changes it made there when it was installed.
Tesseract9630 : Thanks for the valuable advice.
sigma six : true registry cleaners can damage the installed OS, but for slower computers, a bloated registry is a killer, and you are actually admitting that they should be used (if only as a last resort...) because they CAN make a huge difference... why would anyone want to leave thousands of useless entries that an already slow CPU has to search?...
Adrian Angel : The best registry cleaner takes about 30 mins.. Its called a fresh install ! The amount of time I've seen people take to "fix" their computer, they could have re-installed 10 times.

Reg Cleaner - мощная программа очистки реестра.

Краткий обзор программы для очистки реестра Reg Cleaner от признанного компьютерного гуру Сергея Базанова.
Ruslan : Програма супер.Найшол то что искал.Автор видео молодец)
Юрий Гавриш : Есть ли ознакомительная версия?
Сан Саныч 178 : реестр не чистит почему-то?
Relaxed Evil : Смысл если в новых версиях unistall tool есть клинер
Сан Саныч 178 : Где скачать?

RegCleaner Tutorial

Este programa es muy facil de usar, con el video basta\r
para aprender.
Andoni Velasco : No me deja dar a Remove porque me da error, me podeiis decir lo que pasa?
Me hace todo el proceso de limpieza pero una vez terminado clickeo en Remove selected y no de deja seguir y no borra los errores
Игорь Кутейницын : Thank you <3
CHELITOCOCA : que y para que nos sirve en realidad el regcleaner por ejemplo io borre un office y cuando trato de instalar otro office me saler error 12 borre todo lo relacionao cn el otro office balblabla bla y me lo recomiendadan usarlo pero no se para que
Дима Мц : мне сказали что эта прога портит комп незнаю пользоваться ей или нет (

Francisco Olvera : TODAVIA EL MIO ESTA ANALIZANDO EL REGISTRO... voy a dejar de bajar programas..(-_-)




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