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PhotoWorks Review - Laptop-Friendly Windows 10 Photo Editor with AI Tools

Download free trial of PhotoWorks 10.0:

Get your lifetime license at 65% off (exclusive offer for Fstoppers audience):

Watch Lee's "cave lighting" video:

Adopt a Puerto Rican Puppy:

In this video, Patrick Hall of Fstoppers checks out PhotoWorks 10.0 and gives his first impressions on this photo editing software for Windows 10.

1:10 Who is it for, and who is it not for?
3:38 Quick interface overview
8:15 Body Sculpt tool
12:08 Face Sculpt tool
13:35 Group portrait editing
16:44 Change Background tool
19:29 Portrait Magic tool
20:19 Non-destructive editing

Unlike other software that costs hundreds of dollars to own or hundreds of dollars in subscription fees, PhotoWorks is extremely affordable. At the time of this review, the cost of this Windows 10 photo editor is below:

- lifetime license for the Ultimate version costs $79.80.
- the cheapest version is a 1-year subscription, it costs $19.25.

And make sure to check out the special offer for Fstoppers folks! Here it is:
Ndo_sanz : More videos like these please! Awesome review
Creator's Journey : Patrick, great info, it looks very interesting.
phynx2006 : Hahaha "the right platform" I love it Apples are for pies
Nithish kumar channel in movies : How to save the edited photos
Vlad Gruin : Next video idea: AI photographer! Click the link in the description to give us money

How to edit photos in PhotoWorks? Photo editing tutorial for beginners in PhotoWorks

How to edit photos in PhotoWorks? In this photo editing tutorial for beginners, you will learn how to increase the quality of any photo. We will also share the basic rules for editing photos using PhotoWorks tools. PhotoWorks is an editor that will allow you to improve your photos quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our tutorial video, the editing process will become even easier! All the secrets of photo editing in PhotoWorks are in this video.

Download PhotoWorks:\u0026utm_medium=photoworks\u0026utm_campaign=edit-photoworks\u0026utm_id=vJNxDzEfiVo
Larry Lesh : Your accent makes it hard to follow you despite your proper pronunciations of English.

Photoworks Automatic Photo Enhancer Software Review | 4K

Photoworks Photography Editing Software Review | Photographer Dustin Abbott shares a demonstration and review of a budget alternative to software like Adobe Lightroom that you can have a lifetime license to for less than $30: Photoworks is an automatic photo enhancement software that has a surprising amount of depth. Check out the software here at a special discount for my viewers: | For more information on this photo enhancing software, take a look here:

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Azenturi : You know, it's not the cheapest way to get into editing (since free programs exist), but this is the most user-friendly option I've seen that doesn't cost an arm and a leg like Capture One does. Don't like it? You haven't taken a huge hit to the wallet.
Warren Oberholser : Hi Dustin, great video I just ordered Photoworks (using your url listed above in your shownotes). Are there any tutorials (step by step videos) you would recommend or do you offer an online course for this product? Cheers!
Sergei : Tried it. Feels like a nice piece of software - fast and easy to use. But apparently it cannot do color fringing (chromatic aberrations) correction, nor it is capable of reading CR3 files, as of april 2020, so it is of no use to me at this point.
Konspiracy Kitty : SUPER awesome! I had to subscribe to you because I wanted PhotoWorks so bad and you saved me with that discount! I'm low income and was finally able to purchase it! THANK YOU!
Foto Mats : Wow, purchased for only 23 EU over your Link, without any extra VAT in germany, even the software is completeley in german! I´m really impressed for this what it is & for it´s price - thank you!




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